The Edupac EMIS
(Education Management Information Software)
Solution for Schools and TVET Colleges
provides the following functionality and features
via a Website Application and Mobi-Apps

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Profile Data

  • Multiple Nationalities and Languages, Flexible Guardianship Links
  • Future Enrolments & Archived Information
  • Class Lists, Contact details and various reporting
  • Photo  / Learner ID cards / Barcodes / Labels
  • Medical Records & Health Tracking
  • Compliant with South-African and Namibian National Standards
  • Enrolment Wizard for Fast Data Capturing in Bulk


  • Custom defined reasons & memo facility.
  • Attendance Keeping per Time Table/Daily Subjects
  • Weekly reporting; quarterly surveys
  • Exception reporting, Dashboards & trends
  • Automatic SMS facility to Guardians/Parents
  • Viewable on Guardian App/Portal
  • Available on Educator App


  • Custom defined set-up
  • Penalty system & merits with memo facility
  • SMS & e-mail details to parents / guardians
  • Weekly & quarterly reporting
  • Viewable on Guardian App/Portal
  • Available on Educator App

Sport & Extra Curricular

  • Participation per academic year
  • Level of participation


  • Special extra-curricular and academic achievements

Interviews & Psychological Tests

  • Dates / Follow-up dates, Remarks, Verbal & Non-Verbal IQ

Hostel / Residence

  • Room numbers, Key management, History of previous years

Special Needs & Accessibility

  • Weighting, LSEN number, major and minor types
  • Remarks and comments

Alternative Contacts

  • Emergency contact telephone numbers
  • Relationships with contacts

Document Management

  • Document Repository per Student/Guardian/Institution etc.
  • Date and Custom Type based
  • Description of document
  • Available on Apps and Portals

Profile Data

  • Titles, Names, Surnames, Account number, Links with Learner in family.
  • Primary & Secondary guardians with Customizable Relationships

Contact Data

  • Addresses, Telephone numbers, e-mail, employment details
  • Nationalities, Correspondence Language, Marital Status, Ethic groups


  • Dates / Follow-up dates, Remarks

Alternative Contacts

  • Emergency contact telephone numbers, Relationships with contacts

Document Management

  • Attach any document or file
  • Date and Custom Type based
  • Description of document

Profile Data

  • Biographical Information & person images (photos / ID cards), barcodes
  • Qualifications, Experience and Specialization

Contact Data

  • Addresses, Telephone Numbers, E-mail


  • Dates / Follow-up dates, Remarks


  • Custom defined reasons & memo facility
  • Daily, weekly reporting; quarterly summary
  • Exception reporting, Dashboards & trends


  • Types of leave, dates and reasons


  • Previous teaching experience, Subject qualifications,
  • Language proficiency

Remuneration Details

  • Income types, Deductions (No Payroll processing)
  • Recurring Journal to post salary entries in General Ledger

Alternative Contacts

  • Spouse details, Emergency contact telephone numbers, Relationships with contacts

Document Management

  • Scan and / or attach any document or file
  • Date and Custom Type based
  • Description of document

Teaching Subjects and Appointments

  • Date and type of appointment
  • Define teaching subjects per grade and/or class

Subjects and Continuous Assessments

  • South-African “CAPS” and SA-SAMS Compliant – Fully Customizable

  • Complete Marks book, weighting, maximum marks, raw marks, percentages
  • Custom level indicators, comments per subject, dynamic school terms
  • Instantaneous and Accurate Result Calculations
  • Results per Assessment available on Parent App/Portal
  • Fully Integrated with Moodle LMS

Outcomes Based Evaluation

  • Continuous Assessment per Subject
  • Custom Comments and Achievement Indicators
  • Custom templates for learning areas and levels

Results, Promotions, Statistics

  • Create Custom Report Card Layout
  • Statistics, Graphs, Promotion Schedules
  • Auto Calculations, Averages

Report Cards and Assessment Results

  • Flexible Layouts: Export all data and results via CSV to Custom Mail Merge Documents – Available as a Service
  • Standard Reporting: Generate over 1000 report cards in minutes into PDF.

Library Inventory

  • Integrated with all learner and staff profiles to issue, return and reserve material.
  • Unlimited key words, categories, media groups and media types
  • Barcodes for inventory items, staff and learners automatically generated
  • Scanner technology – including mobile-device camera integration.

Text Book Management

  • Approved Text book lists per subject per grade
  • Re-order lists / Shortages
  • Stock take and adjustments on returns and/or write-offs

Library – Topic Research

  • Unlimited keywords and topics per inventory item.
  • Search MULTIPLE keywords / topics


  • Fully Integrated Accounting Module
  • Customizable Business Units
  • Bank Recon Bulk Import
  • Student Grant Fund Integrations and Tracking
  • Debit Order File Creation


  • Batch or single SMS, E-Mail and Mobile Push Notifications
  • Batch E-Mail Customer Statements
  • Mobi-App and Web Portal for Guardians showing Sponsorship Adverts, Events, News and Documents


  • Live Analytics and Statistics for all Educational Data
  • Export to multiple formats


  • Multiple User Support with Role-Based Security
  • Customizable Survey and Standard Institution Setups
  • Governance Committees (SGB & SCC) Tracking
  • Asset – Item and Stock Management and Tracking
  • Document Repository and Year Planner/Calendar
  • Integration with Time-Table Module for quick Subject/Period/Day Rostering
  • Integration with SA-SAMS for single point of Data Entry

Detailed online help files and videos

Competent Help Desk Support from 07:30 – 15:30

Web Based system – No Client side installations

Server-side upgrades – No patch downloads on Client side