The Communication Portal establishes a Communication Channel between the Parents, Account Holders, Educators, S.G.B. members and the School.

The Portal is fully integrated with the Edupac system.
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Portal Registration Process

  1. Parent Registers On-line on the Portal
  2. Information submitted to School
  3. School verifies parents information and parent  signs the Portal Conduct document
  4. School allocates students to parent and authorizes the guardian / parent to log onto the portal
  5. Parent has access to the portal


School Calendar

  • General school activities are Setup in Edupac Enterprise Edition
  • School decides which activities should be published to Portal

Class Calendar

  • Publish test series for a specific class on the Portal
  • Publish homework/assignment information on the Portal

Sports Calendar

  • School Sport activities are Setup in Edupac Enterprise Edition
  • School decides which activities should be published to Portal


  • General Student Information
  • Student Report Card can be viewed / printed
  • Student Class Time Table can be viewed / printed
  • Student Teachers – Subjects with Teachers responsible for subjects
  • Email to Teachers
  • Guardian (Primary / Secondary) information – Update/Add/Delete
  • Student Conduct
  • Student Absenteeism

Future Enrollments

  • Parent able to enroll student for next year
  • Administration staff only needs to confirm information – do not have to capture information
  • Removes capturing responsibility from Administration personnel

Student Assessments

  • View Student Assessments
  • View due dates for Assessments

Student Account Detail

  • View/Print Student Account


  • Publish General School communication letters on the Portal
  • Publish Sport events programs on the Portal

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EDUPAC is an Internet-based, School Management Information Software Solution which is designed to meet all the Administrative, Curriculum, Staff and Financial functions and controls that schools need.

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