Annual Software Maintenance and Telephone Support

An Annual Subscription Fee ensures that all our schools receive Unlimited Basic Support

Additional Support Agreements may be contracted for year-round on-site support and / or training.

Customized support agreements are also available inclusive of hardware and network maintenance support.

15 Units

2-5 On-site visits p.a.

20 Units

5-8 On-site visits p.a.

30 Units

8-10 On-site visits p.a.

50 Units

10-15 On-site visits p.a.

75 Units

15-20 On-site visits p.a.
Monthly Financial Reports

100 Units

20+ On-site visits p.a.
Monthly Financial Reports

Unlimited Basic Support:

Telephone Support

 E-Mail Support 

Releases of Upgrades on Software

Edupac Guardian

Edupac Employee