The Tswela TimeTable is an on-line web system that is fully integrated with the Edupac system.

Discover fast, easy, reliable timetable software for your school. Timetabling could not be easier with our simple colour-coded steps!

Advantages over competitors


One Allocation Screen


Detailed online help files and videos


Competent Help Desk Support from 07:30 – 15:30


Web Based system – No Client side installations


Server-side upgrades – No patch downloads on Client side

Benefit to school

  • Latest software available from anywhere on the Internet
  • Reduced workload on internal IT staff
  • No client side installations
  • No data security hassles – no crashes and backup issues
  • Upgrades are free and don’t cost time to implement
  • The database is scalable – no additional cost for more data storage
  • Cost saving on server hardware


  • Setup Cycle, Periods, Grades, Classes, Buildings, Rooms and subjects
  • Assign Subjects to Grades
  • Define Spread (Time of Day)
  • Setup Rooms per Subject per Grade

General Activities

  • Create General Activity Types (Assembly, Register, Breaks, Meetings)
  • Place General Activities on Timetable Grades, Classes, Educators and Rooms
  • Manually place subjects or subject groups where required
  • Generate Timetables that match your needs


  • Allocate Educators to Subjects or Subject Splits per Grade or Class
  • Define number of periods per subject, Splits (Quad, Triple, Double and Single Periods)
  • Link classes together in class groups for subjects or combinations
  • Create Subject combinations, groups (ties) for various subject choices


  • Basic Set-up and Utilization
  • Timetables for school, Grades, Classes, Educators and Rooms
  • Summary Timetables (Grouped by Day) for Classes, Educators, and Rooms
  • Educator Substitution

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School Information

Grades & Classes

Buildings & Rooms





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