Platform Web Browser Based
Supported Browsers Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox (Preferred)
Google Chrome
Users Supported 1 - 1000+
Locations Served Cameroon
South Africa
United Kingdom
Institution Types Pre-Primary
Special Needs (LSEN)
Available Languages English
Afrikaans (Reporting Only)


Accounts Payable Yes
Accounts Receivable Yes
Admissions Management Yes Yes
Alumni Management Yes Yes
Assessment Management Yes
Attendance Management Yes Yes
Bookstore Management Yes Yes
Class Scheduling Yes Yes
Communication (e-mail) Management Yes Yes
Conduct Management Yes Yes
Curriculum Management Yes Yes
Custom User Interface Yes Yes
Customizable Fields Yes
Customizable List Reporting Yes Yes
Data Import/Export Yes
Document Management Yes
Enrolment Management Yes Yes
Electronic Student Transfer Card Yes Yes
Event Calendar Yes Yes
Financial Budgets Yes
General Ledger Yes
HR Management Yes Yes
Library Management Yes Yes
Mailing List Management Yes Yes
Marketing Management Yes Yes
Mobile Access Yes Yes
Multi-Currency Yes Yes
Parent Interface & Free Mobile App Yes
Portal Technology Yes
Registrar Portal Yes
Reporting Yes Yes
Room / Board Managing Yes Yes
SMS Integration Yes Yes
Staff Management Yes Yes
Student Database Yes Yes


Administration - Learner Enrolment Yes Yes
Administration - Learner Profile Yes Yes
Administration - Family Profile Yes Yes
Administration - Staff Profile Yes Yes
Administration - Business Contacts Yes Yes
Achievements - Learners Yes Yes
Absenteeism - Learners Yes Yes
Absenteeism - Staff Yes Yes
Conduct - Learners (Merits & De-Merits) Yes Yes
Bulk SMS; Grades, Classes, Staff, Custom Groups Yes Yes
Bulk E-Mail; Parents, Guardians, Learners, Staff Yes Yes
Bulk Push Notifications: Guardian's Mobile App Yes Yes
Document Management - Learners Yes Yes
Document Management - Families Yes Yes
Document Management - Staff Yes Yes
Reports Cards – Academic Marks Yes Yes
Report Cards – Outcomes Based Assessment Yes Yes
Report Cards – Continuous Assessment Yes
Library – Media / Text Book Management Yes
Financial - General Ledger Yes
Financial - Budget Yes
Financial - Creditors Yes
Financial - Debtors / School Fees Yes
Financial - Debit Order Integration Yes
Financial - Stock & Assets Yes
Reporting (View, Print, Export) Yes Yes
User Security and passwords Yes Yes
User Messaging Yes Yes
EMIS - Statistics and Analysis Yes Yes
Full Integration with TSWELA TIMETABLE Yes Yes
Report Writer Yes Yes
Report Export (PDF, MS Excel, MS Word, CSV, XML, MHTML,Tiff) Yes Yes
Security Module – Users   Yes Yes
Database Management - Backup & Restore Yes Yes
RSA - LURITS Compliant Yes Yes
RSA - SASAMS Export Utility Yes Yes
RSA - CAPS Subject Selection Yes Yes
Parent’s Portal – View selected learner data Yes Yes
Online Enrolment & Communication Yes Yes