Official Press Release: 6 SEPTEMBER 2010

“Try to imagine a country where ALL of our schools are connected to a Central Educational Management Information System.”

The Namibian agreement

…”In a groundbreaking agreement between The Government of the Republic of Namibia, acting through the Ministry of Education, and Edupac Software Support Services (Pty) Limited, selected schools in all regions of Namibia are going live in January 2011 with the Edupac Web Solution procured.

In September 2009, the Ministry selected EDUPAC as the sole and official provider to supply a School Management Information Solution, branded as SchoolLink, to all the schools in Namibia through an agreement which includes the licensing, intellectual property, customization, support and training of Educational institutions and schools.

The Namibian Ministry has a vision to establish a demand-responsive and self-sustainable centralized web-based education management information system which is based on the integration of decentralised sub-systems, guided by partnerships with stakeholders at both national and regional levels…”

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